Little Snitch for WIndows

Little Snitch is a firewall that protects your privacy and computer. It monitors every connection in order to stop sensitive data leaving your computer without your consent. However, Little Snitch is a Mac-only application. Is there a program similar to Little Snitch but for Windows? Yes! FortKnox Personal Firewall is here. Like Little Snitch, FortKnox gives you complete overview of all incoming and outgoing network communication in an intuitive user interface. 15 days free trial - fully functional.

Version 10.0.405, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

FortKnox Firewall is a Little Snitch for Windows alternative. It's not developed by Objective Development Software GmbH.

FortKnox Firewall - Best Alternative to Little Snitch for Windows PCs

Best Firewall Software for PC

FortKnox Firewall is designed to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to protect your computer from all threats. Your privacy and files will be safe under the supervision of this Little Snitch alternative on Windows.

  • Shows every process connecting and connected to the Internet.
  • Intuitive inbound and outbound traffic statistics.
  • Protects system from hacker attacks, trojans, spyware and internet threats.
  • Set advanced rules yourself and switch options easily.
  • Get notification and make your decision in one click.


Little Snitch Windows
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Extended Windows Protection

Different from intrusion detection of common firewall software, this Little Snitch for Windows alternative has equipped the best Intrusion Prevention System. Therefore, you can easily identify malicious activity, log information and attempt to block/stop it immediately.

Your privacy, important data and system files are always safe now.

For Beginners and The Advanced

FortKnox Firewall supports advanced application rules that enables user to control how individual applications communicate on the Internet. Various options are provided to setup extended rules for your needs. If you don't want to make any change, the program will also work like a charm. FortKnox Firewall is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Traffic and Packet Logging

FortKnox includes a detailed traffic log system for further analytics. You can easily show details, trace router, show on map, perform whois lookup, etc.

Anti-spoofing Technologies

Spoofing is the number one security problem on the Internet. FortKnox terminates spoofing with industry-leading anti-spoofing technology. All common types of spoofing are supported, like IP spoofing, MAC spoofing, DNS spoofing, OS fingerprint masquerading, etc.

Version 10.0.405, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

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